About inspiration . . . . .

 Hand stitching and beading, oil and acrylic paint, paper, sequins, and other materials all created on canvas bring my images to life in an innovative way. I hand stitch every bead and thread in place and consider how I want to address color, texture and depth into my painted images. I then digitize the image so that I can utilize the computer to digitally alter aspects of the image and can then control the size and surfaces on which my images are generated. This combination of image, technique, and materials is distinctive and causes people to talk about what they are seeing because there is nothing like it.

The challenge of making work that is fun, regularly engaging, and provides that “breath” in the course of a person’s day means a great deal to me. The public arena allows me to introduce SCALE as an essential and integral part of the work I create. The intricate detail of my mixed media pieces becomes a surrealistic and surprisingly fun encounter for the viewer; an encounter that remains captivating regardless of the number of times it is seen by the viewer. 


About my goals . . . .

  I am interested in creating work for use in public spaces. I believe my images, when used on various surfaces (i.e. canvas, glass, porcelain, Plexiglas, inflatables, etc.) will engage the public because the work is distinctive. The experience is memorable and provokes the viewer to solicit others to see the work so they can have a shared experience. My images, the way in which they are created, and the sensation of their visual impact will provide those coming to a public space with an enjoyable experience – a bonus - beyond the one for which they have originally come to that location. My work causes people to talk about what they are seeing because there is nothing else like it. The strength of my images and the handcrafted details keep the image interesting and captivating over time - to the first time viewer and to the viewer that passes the location with regularity.

In activating public spaces with my work I share the sentiments of Cher Krause Knight when she states "art's publicness rests in the quality and impact of its exchange with audiences…at its most public, art extends opportunities for community engagement but cannot demand particular conclusion.” 


About me . . . .

  I am a native Floridian raised in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.  I attended Nova High School and after graduating I attended New College in Sarasota, FL.   After 2 years I transferred to the University of South Florida where I received my degree in Fine Arts in 1979.  I put my brushes down in favor of working in a corporate capacity. I worked for Exxon in New York City and after several years transferred back to Florida where I continued working for Exxon until I left to work for Xerox.  After 3 years with Xerox I started my own company - Signature Chocolates - which specialized in providing premiums and incentives for corporations, hotels and cruise lines.

I have enjoyed the privilege of an extraordinary marriage and the joy of three daughters. In 2009 I felt the time was right to resume my creative endeavors after not doing any artwork for 30 years.